HFA Halal Industry Conference (HHIC) June 2019

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Press Release

HFA celebrated its 25-year anniversary by holding 5th Halal Industry Conference in London

HFA celebrated its 25-year anniversary by holding another high profile and well supported 5th Annual HFA Halal Industry Conference (HHIC) 2019, which was held at Hilton Kensington London yesterday (28th June 2019). Halal industry experts, leading mainstream manufacturers, regulators, halal producers, customers, researchers, educators, international certifiers, enforcement officers, Islamic Scholars, speakers and delegates from UK, Europe, the Middle-East and Far-East were in attendance. Representatives came together to attend the conference which was a marked success. There was also a mocktail reception and dinner, organized for delegates and speakers, before the conference day (Wednesday 26th June 2019).

HFA Trustee, Mr Ahmed Latif received the audience with much thanks in his opening remarks and wished all the attendees a fruitful day.

Amir Masoom, the Interim CEO of HFA expressed sincere appreciation to all HFA stakeholders, clients and specially the HFA staff who helped to make this journey successful. He also thanked all sponsors of this event for their contributions to make this event possible and successful.

Dr Abdul Matin Khan, the Chairman of HFA has mentioned in his welcoming note, “This is a special occasion because it represents our 25th anniversary of our existence in the Halal food industry. It has been a wonderful experience over the past twenty-five years and HFA has progressed by leaps and bounds during this period.”

The distinguished speakers of this remarkable conference include Professor Dr Winai Dahlan, Founder Director of Halal Science Centre, Chulalongkorn University Thailand, Dr Sulaiman Liu, Co-Founder & CEO of Halal Chain, UAE, Philip Hambling, Head of Food and Farming of National Farmers Union, Dr Haseeb Shabbir, Head of Marketing & Business Strategy, University of Hull, Helen Scott, Head of Sales of Symington’s Food Service, Saqib Mohammed, Operations Director of RAQAM Consultancy, UAE, Erik Arokszallasi CEO of TE-Food International, Germany, Benedicte Renaville, Scientific Director of Progenus S.A, Belgium, Dr Claire White, Specialist Veterinary Manager of School of Veterinary Science, University of Bristol, Awal Fuseini, Halal Sector Manager of AHDB, Razan Alsous, founder of Yorkshire Dama Cheese Ltd and Salahudeen Kara, Technical Manager of HFA. They highlighted current issues, challenges, strengths & weaknesses of the Halal sector.

Topics covered during the Day included; Branding, Marketing & Using Social Media Influence, Block Chain Technology – A Groundbreaking Development in Food Industry, Testing Methods – Accuracy & Authenticity, Halal Slaughter – Welfare & Brexit Implications as panel discussions. The Conference ended with timely and thoughtful discussions; informative presentations, QA sessions and plentiful networking opportunities.

The HFA awarded its staff, scholars, clients, speakers and session chairs for their commitment to excellence and appreciation for their contribution.

The conference was hosted by HFA’s Tanveer Parkar and finally concluded by HFA’s Trustee Mr Ehsan Choudhry.

HFA thank all supporters, event sponsors and delegates who came together to make the HHIC a success, again.
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Note to Editors:
Halal Food Authority (HFA) is an independent, voluntary, not-for-profit organisation operating as a commercial wing of a registered charity. The objective of HFA is to assure the Muslim community that the food certified as halal is genuinely in compliance with HFA Standards, Islamic Jurisprudence and applicable EU regulations. Concurrently, HFA promotes awareness of halal principles for halal production within the food industry, consumers and various national and international forums.