As a Halal Food Authority (HFA), we are conscious of our responsibilities to our customers (B2B & B2C). We aim to ensure that halal produce are safe, legal and authentic products and believe in providing the highest quality & halal standards of products and services to all our customers. To fulfil this requirement, the HFA is going to introduce the sampling and analysis of halal certified products to strengthen the HFA logo and brand in the market. This policy will help us to build the confidence in a better way in the retail and commercial market. Our main objective is to introduce, implement, operate and expand our policy across the United Kingdom, Asia, Middle East and the Europe, which we will achieve this through commitment and professionalism of our management team, staff and customers. Under the Halal Food Sampling & Analysis Policy (HF-SAP), the HFA will collect random and true representative samples (100g/mL) from their client’s sites and sample frequency is determined and based the risk (Haram/Non-Halal contamination). The sampling will be done through independent third party for the B2B clients while the HFA will collect samples from the retail market for the B2C clients if available. The biased or doubtful samples will be recollected although their chance of error is rare. The collected samples will send to the HFA approved labs (ISO 17025) for the halal analysis. The certificate of analysis (COA) will be shared with clients with subject to the satisfactory report and management approval. If report is not satisfactory, then resampling will be taken place. The frequency of the sampling is based on risk, which is determined as a low, medium and high. The low, medium and high-risk sites will be analyzed at least once in a nine, six and three years, respectively. The COA will be send to the clients once it is ready. The HFA will ensure that the results and the COA will be free from biased and conflict of interest. The HFA approved & certified labs will be ISO-17025 accredited. The HFA will ensure to use approved and authenticated standards operation procedures for the testing of the halal products.