Fee Policy

The total cost of halal certification is made up of an audit fee and an annual certification fee.

HFA provides two certification schemes:

  • HFA Annual Scheme – 1-year certification, ongoing contract
  • GSO/SMIIC Scheme – 3-year certification, ongoing contract

The total cost of halal certification depends on the following factors:

  1. Your industry sector
  2. How many manufacturing sites
  3. How many product variety you have
  4. How many full-time employees you have

The size and complexity of your business is the main factor. For example, large organisations may have multiple sites which require an audit visit, therefore increasing the cost of certification over small businesses that only operate from one location.

Bear in mind there is a specific requirement that may add additional costs when looking for halal certification, such as the need for export certificate to GCC market and the meat category will require supervision to ensure continuous compliance.