HFA Complaints Committee

HFA have successfully formed its independent Complaints Committee. The members of the committee have been vested with the following authorities and tasks:

  1. to work in accordance with the HFA Complaints Procedure;
  2. to carry out an initial screening of the Complaint(s) that the HFA management passes onto the Committee to deal with;
  3. to advise the HFA management if the Complaint(s) in question can be dealt with remotely by the review of documentation and available evidence through electronic means (including but not limited to) telephone discussions, conference calls or email exchange;
  4. to advise the HFA management if a formal hearing is required for the Complaint(s) in question; in this instance, a formal hearing shall be arranged and scheduled by the Committee members in the presence of HFA management representative at either HFA office or any other venue agreed and accepted by the HFA management and Committee members;
  5. to deliberate on the subject matter and facts of the Complaint(s) received and to execute the formal hearing considering all the information that the HFA management had taken into account in arriving at the decision or action against which the complaint has been lodged;
  6. to conduct a review, at least annually, of the HFA Complaints Procedure and policy and submit a compliance report for the HFA management for its records;
  7. to attend the committee meeting if required for the purposes of clause 4 above at the HFA offices. The date of such meeting will be proposed by the CEO at least four weeks in advance and the availability/unavailability to attend shall be confirmed by the members in writing within five working days of the date of proposal;
  8. to review, process and conclude the complaint either by way of internal deliberations or by formal hearing in no later than 28 days of the receipt of the complaint;
  9. to write up a conclusion in the form of a brief report providing details of complaints, brief facts and conclusion and/or determination enabling HFA management to complete its complaint procedure within the stipulated timeframe of sixty days. Such report shall be produced jointly by the committee and signed off by the Chair of the Committee;
  10. to conduct or assign any other relevant tasks or duties in enhancing the level of procedural compliance in dealing with grievance or complaints at the HFA.