HFA held its 1st successful webinar replacing Annual HFA Halal Industry Conference (HHIC)

Post Brexit: Taking British food and drink across the globe

Halal Food Authority (HFA) held its 1st international webinar conference on 3rd November 2020. This online event was attended by almost 300 dignitaries including leading mainstream manufacturers, regulator s, halal producers, customers, researchers, educators, international certifiers, trade commissioners, Islamic Scholars and speakers from around the world. It was a remarkably successful event de spite the passing of uncertainty due to Covid-19 pandemic. International speakers including Prof. Sukoso (BPJPH), Dr Essam (Gov't of Dubai), representative from DIT UK, KFC UK & Ireland, AHDB, Indonesian Embassy, and MATRADE were presenting during t he Webinar. It is anticipated that with no deal scenario the UK trade would be significantly impacted by the Brexit. Due to this fact, the speak ers discussed various topics that highlighted the opportunities, finding the way forward to tackle all challenges facing Halal industries pertaining post Brexit circumstances.

Dr Abdul Matin Khan, the chairman of HFA has expressed his sincere gratitude to the attendees in his welcome notes, “I would like to thank our eminent highly qualified and experienced speakers from all round the world who have very kindly spared their valuable time to express their expert views at the webinar. I would like to thank all the other global participants and guest audience who have shown interest to attend this webinar”.

Dr Amir Masoom, the CEO of HFA said, “this webinar is a humble effort to bring relevant Halal industry information at one platform to help the UK industry to find different markets for the preparation of Brexit.” He also announced that we have managed to complete our HFA portal in which all the certification process from registration of the clients to the issuance of the certificate is now done online.

The distinguished speakers and topics of this remarkable webinar also include Lord Trees, Emeritus Profess or, University of Liverpool –Demonstration of Life (Halal Assurance Scheme), Dr Phil Hadley, International Market Development Director, AHDB – Market Opportunities in GCC, Mr Adil Khan, Trade & Investment Adviser, DIT – Food and Drink Opportunities in the UAE, Mr Megat Iskandar, Trade Commissioner, MATRADE – Supply Chain Alternatives, Ms Debby Tobing, Head of Corporate, DIT Jakarta – Halal Opportunities in Indonesia, Mr. Chris Wren, Operational Head, BritCham - Trade Facilitation for Exports to Indonesia, Mr. David Moran, Supply Chain Director, KFC – Sustaining Robust Supply Chain, Dr Awal Fuseini, Halal Sector Manager, AHDB – Animal Welfare Guidelines Accepted in Muslim Countries, Rizvan Khalid, Brexit and Demonstration of Life (Halal Exporter’s Perspective) and Mr Gama Khan, Shazan Foods, Director – Exporting Halal Products: Experience from an Industry Perspective.

The webinar was hosted by the HFA’s Quality Manager, Hifza Ibrahim and finally concluded by the HFA’s Trustee Mr Ahmed Latif.