Application form for Halal Certification

The submission and initial screening of this form is free of charge and HFA will respond to your application within five working days.

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Is Pork (or any porcine derivative/material) handled, processed or stored on site?

Are Intoxicants used as an ingredient in any of the above products?

Are you willing to depict HFA logo on halal approved products?

Do you trade in UAE market at all?

If yes, are you willing to comply with the GSO/UAE Halal Regulations?

Are you specifically applying for GCC/UAE approved halal certification?

Have you made an application for a GSO/UAE approved halal certificate in the past?

Have you previously been refused certification that was made as per above?

How did you hear about us?

How did you hear about us?

Certification required for export purposes only


Certificate Renewal Form – Meat Production test