HFA Halal Industry Conference (HHIC) 2016

HHIC 2016 Introduction


HFA Policies and Procedures – An update

HFA Policies and Procedures – An update

By Saqib Mohammed, Chief Executive
Halal Food Authority

The Halal sector and it’s position in the UK Meat Industry

By Norman Bagley
Head of Policy– AIMS

An Overview of Halal Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain

Halal Verified Engine (HVE)

By Khairil Ismahafiz

Game Changing Branding in a Social Media Age

By Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson

English beef and Lamb- A competitive edge on welfare, quality and emerging export opportunities

By Phil Hadley

Strategic Analysis of Halal globalisation and market growth patterns

By Abdalhamid Evans
Senior Strategist, Imarat Consultants
Founder, HalalFocus.com

Practical Challenges in Ensuring Halal Requirements in the Airline Industry

By Loraine Hughes
Head of Technical

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